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Welcome to MATRIX GAME STORE – your go-to destination for PC builds and customization. With a proud legacy of 25 years in the computer and gaming peripheral market, we provide the expertise and resources to bring your perfect PC to life. We can build your dream PC whether its a gaming PC, video editing PC, content creation PC, for architects PC, coding PC, engineering workstations, mining PC or even a home PC at unbeatable pricing and quality.


Game On, Level Up !

At Matrix IT World, Unleash the power of ultimate gaming with our high-performance PCs, engineered for unrivalled speed and graphics prowess. We're experts at creating customized gaming PCs that deliver top-notch performance, taking your gaming experience to new heights. Our team is passionate about gaming and understands how crucial it is to have a machine capable of handling the latest games at their best settings after hundreds of builds created & fine tuned.

Whether you're a hardcore gamer or just getting started, we've got a gaming PC for you. Our configurator lets you choose your favourite game, set your budget, and pick your desired frames per second (FPS). In no time, you'll see a list of custom-built gaming PCs designed to give you the performance edge to outplay the competition. From entry-level to high-end, we offer a diverse range of gaming PCs tailored to match your needs and budget.

Don't settle for a generic pre-built PC; let us create the perfect gaming machine for you. With our exceptional quality processes and meticulous attention to detail, you can trust that your new gaming PC will be both reliable and visually stunning. Elevate your gaming experience today with a gaming PC from Matrix IT World, Calicut !

In search of custom loop liquid cooling builds?

Dive into the future of high-performance computing with our exceptional liquid-cooled PCs. Engineered for maximum efficiency and unparalleled thermal management, our liquid-cooled systems redefine the boundaries of power and silence. Say goodbye to overheating worries and hello to a gaming or content creation experience that pushes the limits of what's possible. Check out our innovative builds and witness a combination of unparalleled functionality and eye-catching designs.



At Matrix IT World, we specialize in making custom content creation workstations that fit your needs. Whether you're a photographer, videographer, 3D designer, architect, engineering student or someone using real-time engines or rendering, we've got the perfect workstation for you. Our team of experts tests these workstations a lot to make sure they're easy to buy, own, and use for your work. Trust us to give you a high-performance and reliable machine made just for you.

We offer many options for you to choose from, with different setups for different budgets. Our computers are made with top-quality parts to make sure your workstation works well and stays reliable for a long time. Our easy-to-use configurator lets you personalize your workstation to fit your needs. We offer a wide selection of PCs for all levels of expertise, whether you're a beginner or advanced user and need to focus on rendering and 3D animation. Our experts have been trained to build outstanding engineering and architecture PCs that are efficient and reliable. We deliver all across India, reaching many cities, so you can get your dream machine no matter where you are. You get the best of Video editing desktop in Calicut & 3D designing custom build desktop in Calicut.



We know that engineering workstations need special hardware to handle tough software applications and lots of data. That's why our engineering workstations are made with the latest and most powerful parts to make sure they run smoothly and efficiently. Our team of experts has lots of experience in the field and is committed to providing the best solutions for CAD and Photogrammetry workflows.

Our CAD workstations have strong processors, top-notch graphics cards, and lots of RAM to handle even the most complicated 3D models and simulations. Our Photogrammetry workstations have advanced hardware that can deal with large amounts of data and do precise 3D reconstructions and measurements.

You can trust us to give you a solution that fits your needs and goes beyond what you expect. With our engineering workstations, you can concentrate on your work, not on your hardware.

A perfect customized computer whether you're involved in data science, machine learning, or scientific computing, our research workstations are built to effortlessly handle the most challenging tasks. Using only top-quality components, our team of experts collaborates with you to configure a workstation tailored to your specific requirements.

Designed to tackle large datasets, intricate simulations, and advanced analytics, our research workstations excel in tasks involving neural networks, 3D modelling, or high-performance computing. We offer a broad range of subcategories, including Data Science, Machine Learning, and Scientific Computing, ensuring you find the perfect workstation for your needs. Count on us to provide a robust and dependable machine that will elevate your research to new heights.


Home PC

Elevate your home computing experience with our custom-built Home PCs. Designed for seamless multitasking, entertainment, and everyday tasks, these systems deliver impressive performance and reliability. Whether you're streaming your favorite shows, gaming, or handling everyday productivity, our Home PCs are tailored to meet your needs & budget.

Office PC

Boost workplace efficiency with our meticulously crafted & customised Office PCs as per your budget. Engineered for reliability and productivity, these custom-built systems are perfect for handling demanding workloads, multitasking, and running business applications smoothly. From document creation to data analysis, our Office PCs are your trusted partner for a seamless and efficient work environment. Feel free to customize these descriptions based on the specific features and benefits of your custom PCs.


All PC Components at Best Prices

Fuel your PC's performance with our premium components. From powerful processors to cutting-edge graphics cards, RAM, power supply, monitors and reliable storage, our curated selection ensures top-tier quality. Unleash your creativity, build your dream system, and experience computing at its finest.

Intel Core i9 processor
Intel Core i7 processor
Intel Core i5 processor
Intel Core i3 processor
AMD Ryzen 7 processor
AMD Ryzen 5 processor
AMD Ryzen 3 processor
AMD Athlon processor

Gigabyte Motherboard
MSI Motherboard
Asus Motherboard
Asrock Motherboard

JBL Headsets
BOAT Headsets
HP Headsets
Zebronics Headsets

nVidia Geforce RTX Graphics cards
nVidia Geforce GTX Graphics cards
AMD Radeon Graphics cards
AMD Radeon Pro Graphics cards
MSI Graphics cards
Zotac Graphics cards
Asus Graphics cards
Inno3D Graphics cards

Logitech Keyboard Mouse
Cooler Master Keyboard Mouse
Dell Keyboard Mouse
HP Keyboard Mouse
Lenovo Keyboard Mouse
Ant Esports Keyboard Mouse

G Skill RAM
Corsair RAM
Hyper X RAM
Adata RAM

Antec SMPS
Deep Cool SMPS
Ant Esprts SMPS
Cooler Master SMPS
Gigabyte SMPS
Zebronics SMPS

Deep Cool
Cooler Master

Kingston SSD
Western Digital SSD
Gigabyte SSD
Corsair SSD

Western Digital HDD
Seagate HDD

SAMSUNG Monitors
BenQ Monitors
LG Monitors
MSI Monitors
Asus Monitors
Dell Monitors
Acer Monitors
Zebronics Monitors


Create your ideal PC AT Matrix IT World, our PC builder specialist will help you and bring your dream setup to life at the best possible price. Select each component of your computer and try out various configurations within your budget. Easily assemble your perfect desktop PC tailored to your preferences whether it's for basic use, gaming, or professional applications. Get started on building the PC that suits your needs!