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Desktops and All in One Computers in Calicut

Explore desktops that deliver peak performance at an affordable price at Matrix IT World, Calicut!

This difference matters for gamers aiming for victory, business professionals striving to meet deadlines, and students seeking top-notch reviews, or a multimedia desktop PC whether its a Lenovo desktop, HP desktop, Dell desktop, an Acer desktop, Apple iMac, Mac Studio, Asus Gaming desktop PC or an assembled computer.

Enter our powerful, customizable, and budget-friendly desktop computers. Our diverse range caters to every lifestyle. Most of our PCs come preloaded with Windows 11, ensuring a streamlined operating system experience right from the start. Elevate your computing with our desktops!

Space-saving AIO Desktop Computer

All-in-one desktops provide ample power to achieve your creative and professional aspirations. Engineered with all the essentials for productivity, these devices integrate a cutting-edge computer into a nearly edgeless display, maximizing visuals in minimal space. For those in pursuit of versatility, our Lenovo, HP, Dell, Acer AIO series models stand out. Ideal for family use or as an efficient home office solution, these all-in-one computers deliver a perfect blend of performance and space-saving design.

Desktop Computer for office or home

Our range starts at a INR 14000/-, highly affordable price range for a desktop PC that excels at home and at work. Computers are built to be reliable and known for being easy to use.

Gaming Desktop PC’s

Step into the realm of gaming and graphics-intensive activities with our wide range of gaming desktops. Explore our gaming PC deals for year-round savings on the latest customised desktops. Enhance your gaming setup further with our extensive collection of PC gaming accessories, Dive into the action with hundreds of the latest PC games to put your new rig to the test.

Desktop PC’s for:

schools / institutions/ hospitals / hotels / corporates

When deadlines loom, your computer must deliver. Introducing our ultra-affordable desktop towers, designed to provide ample power and long-term reliability in a compact footprint. These desktops ensure you have the computing power you need to meet your demands without breaking the bank.