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Experience unparalleled graphics performance and gaming immersion with our extensive selection of graphics cards from top brands including NVIDIA GeForce RTX, NVIDIA GeForce GTX, AMD Radeon, AMD Radeon Pro, MSI, Zotac, Asus, and Inno3D at MATRIX GAME STORE at Matrix IT World, Calicut. Whether you're a gamer, content creator, or professional user, we offer a diverse range of graphics cards to suit your needs and elevate your visual experience.

Graphics Card Types

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1. NVIDIA GeForce RTX Graphics Cards: Immerse yourself in real-time ray tracing and AI-enhanced graphics with NVIDIA GeForce RTX graphics cards. Designed for gaming enthusiasts and professionals, GeForce RTX GPUs deliver stunning visuals, high frame rates, and advanced features for the ultimate gaming and content creation experience.

2. NVIDIA GeForce GTX Graphics Cards: Enjoy smooth gaming performance and reliable graphics with NVIDIA GeForce GTX graphics cards. Offering a balance of performance and affordability, GeForce GTX GPUs are perfect for casual gamers and entry-level gaming rigs.

3. AMD Radeon Graphics Cards: Unleash your gaming potential with AMD Radeon graphics cards, featuring innovative RDNA architecture and advanced technologies for superior performance and efficiency. Radeon GPUs deliver smooth frame rates, crisp visuals, and support for the latest gaming features.

4. AMD Radeon Pro Graphics Cards: Elevate your professional workflow with AMD Radeon Pro graphics cards, designed for content creators, designers, and professionals. Radeon Pro GPUs offer exceptional compute performance, color accuracy, and reliability for demanding creative workloads.

5. MSI Graphics Cards: Dominate the gaming arena with MSI graphics cards renowned for their performance, cooling solutions, and stylish designs. MSI graphics cards feature advanced cooling technology, customizable RGB lighting, and robust construction for optimal gaming experiences.

6. Zotac Graphics Cards: Experience gaming at its best with Zotac graphics cards offering high performance, compact form factors, and innovative cooling solutions. Zotac graphics cards are designed to deliver exceptional gaming performance while maintaining low noise levels and temperatures.

7. Asus Graphics Cards: Unleash the power of gaming with Asus graphics cards featuring cutting-edge technologies, premium components, and customizable designs. Asus graphics cards are engineered for maximum performance, reliability, and overclocking potential.

8. Inno3D Graphics Cards: Elevate your gaming experience with Inno3D graphics cards offering excellent performance, value, and reliability. Inno3D graphics cards are built with quality components and advanced cooling solutions to ensure smooth and stable gaming performance.

Whether you're upgrading your gaming rig, building a new PC, or enhancing your professional workstation, MATRIX GAME STORE at Matrix IT World, Kozhikode has the perfect graphics card to meet your needs. Our knowledgeable team is here to assist you in finding the right graphics card to unlock the full potential of your system.

Browse our collection today and take your gaming and visual experiences to new heights with our top-of-the-line graphics cards.


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